Urban Development

Living on the Maas and playing soccer at De Kuip

The area is transforming into a new and vital Rotterdam city district, where it is attractive to live, work, learn and recreate with the Kuip as a connecting landmark. Together with the landowners and incumbent entrepreneurs, efforts are being made to add new functions, with the arrival of the data campus providing the area with an enormous boost.    

Stadium triangle: vibrant area with Kuip as landmark

  • Together with the landowners and incumbents, a plan for the redevelopment of the stadium triangle into a vibrant area is being developed.
  • The program provides 300,000 m2 of urban mix for living, working, hospitality, hotel, entertainment and social functions with about 4,000 parking spaces and attractive public space.
  • An upgrade of the train station will make the area even more accessible and attractive to locate for educational institutions, businesses, start-ups and students.
  • The area becomes part of an urban fabric, directly connected to De Maas, Veranda, Hillesluis and other neighborhoods.

Data campus gives South additional impetus

  • With the initiators of Rotterdam Data Science Capital, the integration of the data campus in the area is being considered, partly in the stadium and partly in or near the stadium triangle
  • With this, the plan can contribute to the development of Rotterdam as the multidisciplinary data training and science center belonging to the world's top.
  • De focus ligt op het aantrekken van studenten en behouden van talent door een programma van --3--nbsp; leren, wonen en werken --3--nbsp;
  • The area can accommodate, among other things, affordable and future-oriented dual degree programs at the WO/HBO/MBO/VO level, student housing, housing for graduates and start-ups, start-up and offices for Global Tech Leaders.
  • The arrival of the data campus gives an additional boost to South because these functions have little to no presence in the area.

New and vital Rotterdam urban district

  • De visie nodigt uit tot het realiseren van een nieuwe en vitale Rotterdamse stadswijk waar het aantrekkelijk is om te wonen, werken, leren en recreëren. --3--nbsp;
  • Surrounding landmark De Kuip will be a metropolitan mix of housing in all price ranges, education, offices, stores, restaurants, social amenities and more with attractive public space and improved accessibility.
  • Ook wordt ingezet op het toevoegen van nieuwe functies voor Zuid, zoals onderwijs, innovatie, studentenhuisvesting, kunst --2-- cultuur en belangrijke maatschappelijke voorzieningen. Dit zorgt voor extra kansen en sociaal-economische baten.
  • De modernisering van de Kuip, de herontwikkeling van de Stadiondriehoek, de data campus en de gebiedsontwikkeling zijn losgekoppeld van elkaar met onafhankelijke business cases waardoor de totale ontwikkeling simpel en overzichtelijk is. --3--nbsp;

De Stadiondriehoek

This representation is only an indication of what is possible.

Kantoren ca. 60.000m2
Hotel ca. 40.000m2
Retail, entertainment & horeca ca. 35.000m2
Woningen ca. 468.000m2

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