De Moderne Kuip

The area is transforming into a new and vital Rotterdam city district, where it is attractive to live, work, learn and recreate with the Kuip as a connecting landmark. Together with the landowners and incumbent entrepreneurs, efforts are being made to add new functions, with the arrival of the data campus providing the area with an enormous boost.    

Unique experience with supporters close to the field

  • Parterre bleachers for supporters with affordable season tickets to preserve the distinctive Kuip atmosphere.
  • Supporters sit close to the field all around
  • Atmosphere is created by Legion, support with audiovisual techniques
  • Smart stadium technology and displays provide additional experience and real-time information before, during and after the game
  • Modern facilities for food, drink and amenities for supporters etc business visitors are quickly and conveniently accessible
  • The stadium will be a supporter-friendly stadium with fast access facilities and short queues

Modern Kuip is FIFA and UEFA-proof five-star stadium

  • Modernization of De Kuip meets both FIFA and UEFA guidelines
  • as a completely revamped five-star stadium for Feyenoord, the Kuip will also become extra attractive for The Dutch national team, the Orange Lionesses, European finals, major tournaments and other international matches and events

Complete stadium with many comforts and modern technology

  • The design accommodates 63,000 seats and similar program and quality a new stadium
  • The plan envisions preserving the unique Kuip elements with the addition of state-of-the-art facilities for supporters and business audiences.  
  • Two additional bypasses, new elevators and escalators will allow supporters and business visitors to move quickly and comfortably through the stadium.
  • The modernization plan for 85% consists of new construction (including possibly a new roof that keeps visitors dry).
  • The design is fully engineered in 3D BIM.

Money on the field for competitive Feyenoord

  • In the base case, Feyenoord will have a competitive player budget of €30 million from year 1 (2027) after commissioning. This excludes European revenues, transfers and other revenues of the club
  • In the base case, the player budget grows rapidly in subsequent years to €43 million in 2030
  • Based on optimistic assumptions, the player budget will be higher in 2027.
  • In the adverse scenario, the minimum player budget is still €27 million

Short-term results with phased development

  • Modernization of the Kuip can be carried out in phases. In view of declining occupancy rates and new realities by corona, this phasing offers more flexibility.
  • An upgrade of some facilities can already be started in the short term.
  • A next step could include a qualitative modernization of the stadium with its current capacity of 51,000.
  • The latest phase includes a complete modernization with expansion to 63,000 and a new roof.

Showcase for smart and sustainable stadiums

  • Equipped with the latest technology, De Kuip will become a smart stadium. This includes technology that will improve the experience and service for supporters, safety, commercialization and visitor flow in and around the stadium.
  • Reusing an 83-year-old building is sustainable in itself. With circular materials, renewable energy sources, energy-efficient installations and conscious operation, De Kuip will also become a sustainable stadium. The ambition is to achieve a BREEAM Outstanding level and an energy-neutral stadium.
  • De Kuip is and will remain an icon for soccer and architecture in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and far beyond and an international showcase for smart and sustainable (re)development of stadiums